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Boruto: Naruto Is Hard To Be The Main Character Anymore?

Boruto: Naruto Is Hard To Be The Main Character Anymore?

The manga and anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is experiencing a fairly stable development. Currently, the storyline in the manga is going through difficult and dangerous times with the emergence of new threats. And in the story itself we see how they began to rely on the new generations to carry out these dangerous missions.

Although the current Boruto storyline is quite interesting, many fans themselves are curious whether the seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto, will return to be the main character. This is an interesting question, because there is a strong reason why this question then arises. One of them is because people grew up with Naruto and watched his progress.

The big question then is whether Ikemoto and Kishimoto will return Naruto as usual? If we look at the patterns that exist in the series, as well as see patterns from the same themes in the shnen genre, it might provide an answer to what will happen to Naruto.

Is it difficult for Naruto to be the main character again?

Even though there are lots of fans who want to see Uzumaki Naruto return to his prime, and return to being the main character in the Boruto series, that will most likely not happen. One important thing that becomes the theme that runs in the series is that the next generation will always succeed in surpassing the current generation or the past generation.

And this is what is happening in the current Boruto series. Perhaps there will be an argument that the generation born in the Boruto era was in a time or period of calm. There is no war or tension that occurs, which makes them less likely to have good fighting skills like their parents. But, of course, that’s not necessarily the case.

Often the fighting abilities of later generations are capable of surprising or surprising the current generation. There are vivid examples of this in the series. Hashirama Senju’s name is the figure of the god of shinobi and is one of the strongest ninja ever. However, in the series we see how figures like Naruto and Sasuke eventually managed to surpass the god of shinobi.

This seems to provide evidence that the next generation or future generations will always be much stronger than the previous generation. And this is also one of the reasons why Naruto will not be able to return to being the main protagonist in the Boruto series. There is one general pattern that occurs or appears in the shonen genre.

A character who has tremendous power will slowly appear to be weakened or deliberately weakened in order to heal a new protagonist. In this case, the figure of Uzumaki Naruto deliberately weakened Kishimoto by losing Kurama after the fight against Isshiki. Or with Sasuke who had to lose his Rinnegan. Why? This is so that Boruto or Sarada can appear and show their abilities.


If we look at it from a writer’s point of view, the moment or event of defeat or loss of power from Sasuke and Naruto is a story moment that becomes a bridge for the new generation to shine. At the beginning of the series, Kawaki and Boruto seem to have grown up and the entire Konoha village was destroyed and razed to the ground. In their conversation, Kawaki threatened to send Boruto to the same place as Naruto.

This has also become clear evidence that both of them will take over the roles and duties as the main protagonists in the series. So, based on the explanation above, we can conclude that Uzumaki Naruto is a great figure. Everything can be popular and develop due to the character. However, it is unlikely that Naruto will be able to return to the main spotlight because it is time for a new generation to emerge and shine.

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