Black Panther 2: Will Namor Join the Avengers in the MCU?

Black Panther 2: Will Namor Join the Avengers in the MCU?

Namor the Sub-Mariner is a Marvel character who will soon make his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. In Marvel’s own history, Namor is more famous as an arrogant and temperamental antihero. This is what often makes Namor switch roles from hero to villain and vice versa. Even at his first appearance in the MCU later, Marvel Studios will portray the character played by Tenoch Huerta as an antagonist in the Black Panther 2 film.

Given his antagonist role in the film Black Panther 2, many fans are curious about Namor’s fate in the future of the MCU. Moreover, in Marvel Comics itself he is one of the characters that is quite important for the Avengers team. Based on this, not a few are wondering will Namor get a chance to join the Avengers in the MCU? Before discussing the theory, let’s first understand Namor’s actions with the Avengers in the comics.

Namor and Avengers Relationship Dynamics

The Sub-Mariner, Namor McKenzie, was one of the very first superheroes in the Marvel Universe to make his debut in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939). As the king of Atlantis from the deep sea, from the beginning Namor did have bad sentiments towards surface humans. According to him, humans often interfere and even damage the territory of Atlantis. Because the Avengers are known as protectors of humans, Namor finally hates the Avengers who were never on his side.

His first encounter with the Avengers occurred in the comic Avengers #3 (1963). Where he tried to incite the Hulk who had just left the Avengers to go to war with the humans who had oppressed them. Although in the end the Avengers were able to beat Hulk and Namor back, it was quite clear that their first meeting had left a bad impression. Interestingly, even though Namor hates the Avengers, it turns out that he was secretly the first person to save Captain America from suspended animation after World War II.

It was because of his history with Captain America that Namor finally got the invitation to join the Avengers, even though he had attacked them many times. It all started with Captain America trying to convince other members of the Avengers in the comic Avengers #262 (1985). Captain America felt that by making Namor an Avengers, they would understand each other. It was at this point that they finally reconciled and Namor became one of the most influential members of the Avengers.

As part of the Avengers, Namor and other members have managed to protect Earth from a number of supervillains. This includes defeating Kang the Conqueror, the Beyonder cosmic entity, and battling the forces of Olympus. Unfortunately, in the story of Avengers vs. X-Men (2012), Namor is opposite again with the Avengers, because he prefers to be with the X-Men. Even so, that doesn’t change the fact that he was once a part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers.

Will Namor Join the Avengers in the MCU?

Given the character’s popularity among fans, Namor’s story in the MCU is likely to be long. There are many opportunities for Namor to appear in various other MCU shows after his debut in the film Black Panther 2. For example, in the crossover film Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, which will air in 2025. Maybe one day the time will come for The Submariner to put aside his status as ruler of Talocan (Atlantis in the MCU) and join the Avengers. On a note he had to work things out with Wakanda first.

In the Black Panther 2 film, he may initially appear as an antagonist who attacks Wakanda with the Talocan troops. However, it is possible that in the ending, the character will change to be wiser. The trigger may be the figure of Attuma who is secretly trying to overthrow Namor after their attack on Wakanda. If true, maybe Namor will finally try to penetrate his sin by helping other superheroes to defeat Attuma. Which can later pave the way for Namor to join the Avengers.

That’s the discussion about the possibility of Namor joining the Avengers in the MCU. The potential of Namor’s character in the MCU is actually quite large. Together with the Talocans he could have played an important role in The Multiverse Saga to crush the villains, including Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors). We’ll see how the ending of his character in the Black Panther 2 film will be, whether Namor will remain the antagonist or just ‘soften’. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is slated for release on November 11, 2022.

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