Alchemy Star and Persona 5 Royal Collaboration Shows Exclusive Characters

Previously, it was reported that the collaboration of Alchemy Star with Persona 5 Royal would be an interesting element for gamers, especially fans. This game made by Tourdog Studio again presents a variety of interesting characters from Persona 5 Royal and is suitable for fans to collect.

Curious what the newest character in this game looks like? Let’s discuss it together! There are four characters that will be featured in this Alchemy Star crossover. Titled “Under A Moonlit Night”, this character will descend to Astra, the world of Alchemy Star and join the rest of the team. In addition, TourDog also held a contest for gamers with interesting merchandise in it.

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It is said that the Phantom Thief team is looking for Shadow’s whereabouts in Umbraton, a city and a faction in Astra. In addition, they want to find out what causes Shadow to enter the world of Alchemy Star. There will be Joker, Mona, Queen, and Fox as playable characters.

All members wear costumes exactly like in the game. The Mona character can be obtained for free through the event login, while others can be obtained through recruitment or the Thief Companion Selection Box. Here are the characters that you can see below. The collaboration between Alchemy Star and Persona 5 Royal will start on July 14, 2022.

The New DJ, Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile Has Been Announced

Previously, Apex Legends mobile in season 1 had brought its newest Legends called Fade. According to the lore, Fade is one of the youngest children in a family who helps soldiers with technological weapons.

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Fade is one of the exclusive characters that only exists on the mobile platform. Talking about exclusive characters, Respawn Entertainment and EA will present Rhapsody Apex Legends mobile in season 2.

Who do you think Rhapsody is? Curious about what it looks like? Let’s see below! The Origin of Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile

The Rhapsody Apex Legends mobile was announced via Respawn’s official tweet. Through a video that gamers can watch, Rhapsody is described as a DJ accompanied by Rowdy, a bluetooth speaker who becomes his partner in crime. Through the trailer entitled Distortion, it is explained that he comes from a world filled with technology conglomerates.

Rhapsody’s job is to make a district’s nightlife more lively. But after his mother was arrested by one of the secret companies, he was sent to Apex to pay off the family debt. The following video is taken directly from the official Apex Legends mobile Twitter.

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ملخص الزيارة ، إجازة مليئة بالإرهاب في منزل الجد

فاجأ توم هانكس بأن تيم ألين لم يكن في السنة الضوئية

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment apparently still hasn’t given an official explanation regarding the Rhapsody skill. However, in the video, Rowdy appears to use the ability to provide a large shield that can block enemy vision and bullet attacks. In addition, there is also a knockout where Rowdy emits an explosion of musical sound that immediately paralyzes his enemy.

The presence of Rhapsody Apex Legends mobile seems to be enthusiastically welcomed by mobile gamers. With Rhapsody, the possibility of an exclusive character returning in the next season could be a pretty high chance. Moreover, this character is unique, because it has a music theme and is also a beautiful DJ. Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled for release on July 12, 2022 under the title Distortion.

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