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‘After Ever Happy’ Actor Fiennes Tiffin Calls Script ‘Controversial and Very Unexpected’

‘After Ever Happy’ Actor Fiennes Tiffin Calls Script ‘Controversial and Very Unexpected’

After Ever Happy has been released, and lead hero Fiennes Tiffin excites us with breadcrumbs. In 2019, the romantic drama After was released by Aviron pictures. The movie was based on the 2014 novel After, authored by Anna Todd. But the movie failed to make the critics fall in love. Despite mostly negative reviews, a sequel for the movie was announced, which was released in 2020 called After We Collided. This was followed by the 2021 sequel After We Fell. But the makers were not done yet. They came up with the fourth part After Ever Happy, which was released on 7th September 2022.

The movie is distributed by Voltage Pictures and written by Sharon Soboil. The Castille Landon directorial will see Hero Fiennes, Josephine Langford, and Carter Jenkins in the lead. With supporting roles from American Pie actress Arielle Kebbel and Chance Perdomo, amongst others.

Sizzling movie After Ever Happy is out on Netflix
If you love watching a never ending romance, but in the form of a film, the After series is for you. The fourth part of the After franchise released recently, and you may not want to miss watching it, because Fiennes Tiffins has news for you. Without giving out too much info, he assured that this part was going to be different from the previous ones. In an interview with Collider, the lead hero talked about the experience shooting this latest edition.

Tiffins was asked how he felt about the movies ending and what was his reaction on seeing the script. To which Tiffins said, “This is definitely an opportunity to hide behind the producers and everyone else and go, “I’m just an actor. I turn up and say the lines.” The actor is well aware of the controveries and criticisms surronding the franchise. But according to him, that is the beauty of After and any other films or series. Fans get invested and have a say on what could happen or what should not have. There is always room for interpretetion.

“I don’t want to survive, I want to live.” it may seem like the movie is glorifying toxic relationships, but the line quoted by Tessa also shows the ugly side of fatal attractions. The movie revolves around main franchise characters Tessa and Hardin, lovers, whose personalities change has brought challenges in this part. If you have watched it, what opinion do you have of After Ever Happy? Let us know in the comments.