A Terrific The Boys Season 3 Finale Is So Divisive

The show’s The Boys season 3 for greatest moments, scenes, and episodes, but the season finale has split viewer opinions.

The Boys season 3 was filled with exciting Supe action and shocking moments, but the final episode left viewers split. The Boys season 3 surpassed expectations, with the show’s alternative take on the superhero genre delivering compelling characters and memorable scenes.

The Amazon original TV show continues to be popular among fans who are invested in Billy Butcher and the rest of The Boys’ mission to take down superheroes, including Vought’s world-famous group, The Seven. The Boys season 3 continued to focus on Butcher’s desire to kill Homelander, leader of The Seven, but his means of doing so surprisingly saw him gain super powers by taking Temp V, a drug that gives users Supe abilities for 24 hours.

Detail The Boys season 3 ends with a huge battle involving Butcher, Homelander, Soldier Boy, and more. Here’s our full breakdown of this diabolical finale. Amazon’s The Boys season 3 ending is brimming with shock surprises, supe showdowns, and sadistic smiles – here’s how The Instant White-Hot Wild changes the game forever. After two seasons of satirical superhero mayhem, The Boys promised something bigger, better, and even more stomach-churning for season 3, and even if Herogasm couldn’t quite justify its over-inflated hype, the 2022 adventures of Billy Butcher haven’t been wanting for intensity or drama.

The show also introduced interesting new characters, most notably Soldier Boy, a bravado-fueled parody of Captain America who was assumed dead decades ago. But while The Boys season 3 as a whole was great, the final episode, The Instant White-Hot Wild, was not so well received by everyone see.

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The Boys season 3 finale was filled with moments that will have long-lasting consequences for the show. The Boys is known for its violence and killing off characters, particularly those in The Seven, so it was inevitable that both would happen in the season 3 finale. While it was entertaining to watch, the final episode was also disappointing because of some of its writing decisions. The Boys missed out on storyline opportunities both within the finale itself and also future developments that now cannot happen. The death of Black Noir was one of the most divisive moments of The Boys season 3 finale. Early in the episode, Black Noir was disemboweled by Homelander after admitting that he always knew that Soldier Boy was Homelander’s biological father.

Black Noir’s death underscores Homelander’s mental fragility because before that Black Noir was Homelander’s most trusted ally. But while Black Noir’s demise had shock value, it was a shame to see the Silent Knight’s story end when The Boys season 3 had done so much to develop his character. An encounter between Black Noir and Soldier Boy, the former Payback leader who he betrayed, looked set to be a certainty, but Black Noir’s death came before the two could meet again.

The highlight of season 3 was the Herogasm fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie, so there was much anticipation for the next encounter. But instead of another Homelander vs Soldier Boy fight, it’s Maeve who squares off with Homelander while The Boys take on Soldier Boy, after the latter strikes Ryan. The two fights have big moments, including Starlight unlocking new powers, but it was disappointing not to see more action.

Butcher and Hughie both granted themselves temporary superpowers using V-24, Homelander knocked Stan Edgar off his Vought perch while triggering a depressingly relatable culture war, and Starlight quit the Seven. The addition of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy, meanwhile, has dredged up Vought’s oldest, darkest secrets – not least of which is the patriotic supe legend being Homelander’s secret father. The Boys’ season 3 finale begins, Butcher, Hughie and Soldier Boy are plotting one final assault on Homelander at Vought HQ, while MM, Frenchie, Kimiko and Starlight resolve to bring down Soldier Boy, drag Butcher back from the brink, and make it back home in time for pizza rolls and Remington Steele. This is how The Boys season 3’s ending shakes out.

Homelander Kills Black Noir Our first major twist of The Boys season 3’s finale comes when Homelander rams a gloved fist straight through Black Noir. The Silent Knight’s intestines are scattered across the floor of Vought Tower’s famous Floor 99, and Noir’s animated pals slowly fade away, confirming his death.

Homelander spends the remainder of The Boys season 3 mourning Black Noir, talking as if he’d been run over by a bus, not murdered by his own hand. Though killing his only true Seven ally clearly stung, the scene speaks to Homelander’s desperate longing for the love and approval he lacked during childhood. Noir did absolutely everything Homelander asked, but hid that Soldier Boy was his father, and that the Russians took him alive.

Black Noir’s The Boys death hammers one final nail into the coffin of an authentic comic ending (where the masked supe is revealed as a Homelander clone), but also completes Earving’s tragic backstory.

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