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A one-piece Blackbeard theory is so compelling it has to be canon

A one-piece Blackbeard theory is so compelling it has to be canon

One Piece’s Egghead Island arc noticed key revelations being made rapidly and furiously, reminiscent of how scientific physique enhancements and cloning would possibly lastly clarify why Luffy’s rival Blackbeard is perhaps so overwhelmed. The pirates within the collection have discovered some ways to get stronger via the usage of satan fruit and the collection’ mad science. However lengthy earlier than the work of Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Decide opened up the collection to enhanced beings, Marshall D. Educate’s unusual physique broke lots of the collection’ guidelines.

Blackbeard has typically been one of many extra mysterious characters on the present. After the Marineford arc, Educate grew to become the one identified character within the One Piece world to manage two Satan Fruits. Judging by the design of his Jolly Roger, a preferred One Piece idea means that Blackbeard may get three satan fruits by the top of the collection. Flashbacks add much more thriller to the character in Chapter 966, the place a younger Shanks and Buggy focus on Educate, saying, “They are saying he is by no means slept in his life.” Now, over 100 chapters later, readers might have find out how Blackbeard is able to such feats.

Blackbeard could possibly be a failed clone of Rocks D. Xebec

One rationalization for Blackbeard’s unusual talents is that he’s a scientifically altered clone of Rocks D. Xebec, the Pirate King’s previous rival. Chapter 1072 revealed that Vegapunk managed to efficiently clone Buckingham Stussy, a member of One Piece’s Legendary Rocks pirates. Though not but confirmed, Stussy is referred to within the manga as “Mads Cloning Experiment, Profitable Topic No.1” opens the door for extra characters who could also be clones and even failed clones. Highly effective satan fruits and world-changing scientific achievements have escaped and been misplaced all through the collection. A younger Marshall D. Educate might have been certainly one of them.

Blackbeard, Weevil and Bonnie could possibly be clones of the Rocks pirates

In one of many dumbest jokes in One Piece, Dr.Vegapunk insisted that Kaido’s Satan Fruit reproduction was a dud due to its colour, proving that even the neatest character within the collection may be fairly careless. Nevertheless, many grotesque and lethal experiments involving cloning and physique modification had been conducted throughout his time at MADS. The group of scientists labored to create clones of the strongest pirate crew in historical past for a mysterious motive. Stussy proved a invaluable ally to Vegapunk by infiltrating the World Authorities Intelligence Company. Nonetheless, Blackbeard may very effectively be one other clone who was misplaced or thought of a failure who discovered his means into Whitebeard’s crew at a younger age.

Blackbeard’s talents break lots of the legal guidelines of nature. Till One Piece writer Eiichiro Oda offers extra details about MADS’ targets and the extent of their experiments, making a clone of historical past’s most harmful pirate who would not want sleep and might management a number of satan fruits appears to do the trick. Blackbeard and his group have achieved many feats which have modified the course of the collection’ world. If Educate is a clone of One Piece’s mysterious pirate Captain Rocks, he’ll probably do loads worse earlier than the collection ends.

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