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8 Things From ‘Friends’ That Wouldn’t Fly Today – Collider!!

8 Things From ‘Friends’ That Wouldn’t Fly Today – Collider!!

Friends is probably going one of the crucial iconic sitcoms in television historic previous, airing on NBC for 10 seasons from 1994 by 2004. Nevertheless it is precisely that decade-long timeframe that made the current inclined to telling “jokes” that merely would not fly in 2022.

From the abundance of homophobia and transphobia to the unbelievable gender stereotypes and jokes surrounding people’s appears to be, Friends is crammed with content material materials {{that a}} trendy sitcom would not provide the probability get away with proper now – points that may merely make audiences cringe whereas they watch all these reruns on TBSor binge-watch the entire sequence on HBO Max.

“I Married A Lesbian!”
It’s laborious to consider Ross and neglect the reality that he was as quickly as married to a lesbian. That’s on account of Friends relentlessly reminds the viewers of this fact, and even made his ex-wife Carol & her new companion Susan the butt of a lot of jokes all by way of the sequence.

Homophobia this blatant would undoubtedly not be seen on television proper now, significantly when so many characters and {{couples}} in current occasions are celebrated for being LGBTQ+, and precise “buddies” wouldn’t make gratifying of or resent any person for a state of affairs like this each.

Chandler’s Transphobia
The 90s made a very harmful conduct of making jokes on the expense of the LGBTQ+, Friends nevertheless. As quickly as one amongst Chandler’s dad and mother obtained right here out as a transgender woman, it grew to turn out to be additional of a punchline than an element to be pleased with.

Not solely was the transgender character – carried out by actress Kathleen Turner – joked about at every various, Chandler in no way even tried to cowl his transphobia, usually misgendering his dad or mum and cringing on the sight of her in a robe & make-up at his wedding ceremony.

It was on a regular basis a wierd sample in sitcoms to fat-shame chubby characters and joke about their dimension. How I Met Your Mother did this usually with the character Patrice, following inside the footsteps of Friends, who did the similar issue with one amongst its lead characters.

It’s no secret Monica was as quickly as chubby, typically seen in flashbacks to her teenage years. Nevertheless when the one actual aim of making a character chubby is solely to insult them or joke about it, it is not exactly humorous, and undoubtedly not one factor any revered television current would do proper now.

The Male Nanny
Who wouldn’t keep in mind “The One with the Male Nanny” from Season 9? The episode services spherical Ross and Rachel’s look for a nanny to have a look at Emma, and no matter Freddie Prince Jr. collaborating in an exquisite nanny who’s beloved by Rachel, Ross had some vital factors with the state of affairs.

Ross makes clear his dislike of getting a nanny who’s male, going as far as to ask Prince’s character his sexual preferences, assuming he need to be gay if he’s a male nanny. All the episode is problematic on Ross’ end from start to finish, nevertheless a minimal of Rachel was correctly with the situations.

Ugly Naked Man
No matter his face in no way being confirmed on show display screen, Ugly Naked Man is a memorable character from the current. He’s the one who lives inside the setting up all through the buddies’ signature residence and generally walks spherical unclothed for all of the buddies to see from the large bay window.

The problem shouldn’t be the character, nevertheless the nickname given to him by the group. This verges on additional fat-shaming, as Phoebe as quickly as admitted that “Ugly Bare Man” was as soon as cute sooner than gaining weight, thus why he’s now ugly. Even using the phrase ‘ugly’ to elucidate anyone in 2022 is in harmful type (as a result of it was inside the 90’s, for that matter).

The Immaturity Surrounding Breakfeeding
In a world full of breastfeeding freedoms and Free the Nipple campaigns, it’s laborious to consider a time when one factor as gorgeous and pure as breastfeeding was ever an element of disgust or discomfort.

Friends really didn’t help the set off when Joey and Chandler merely couldn’t take care of the sight of seeing Carol breastfeeding Ben. It may have been barely understandable for the 90’s, nevertheless their immature reactions would undoubtedly not bode correctly on television proper now.

Ben’s Dolls
As if Ross couldn’t BE any additional sexist, he wanted to go and whine about his toddler son collaborating in with Barbies. His masculinity factors aren’t merely implied when he makes an try to vary out Ben’s Barbie for an movement decide, Ross really straight up says to Rachel, “Why is my boy collaborating in with a Barbie?”

Between not being allowed to play with dolls and his sister’s male nanny fiasco, the amount of hurt Ross almost definitely did to Ben is ample to ship Cole Sprouse’s character to treatment for the rest of his life.

Workplace Sexual Assault
Any sort of sexual misconduct inside the workplace isn’t any laughing matter… till it’s on Friends. Whereas working as a masseuse, Phoebe will get assaulted by a male shopper, a scene that’s met with tons of guffaws from the viewers.

Comparatively than addressing the issue of sexual assault inside the workplace when Phoebe tells her buddies regarding the incident, it’s dismissed to deal with the additional pressing matter inside the espresso retailer: the actual fact it was Rachel’s scorching boyfriend who devoted the assault.