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6 South Korean Actors Who Become Rising Stars

6 South Korean Actors Who Become Rising Stars

Even though 2022 is not over yet, it seems that we can already see which South Korean actors have skyrocketed this year. They have won several awards and their popularity is getting bigger as well as adorning various advertisements. Their names are also busy talking about K-Drama fans in various countries.

The popularity of this row of actors cannot be separated from the Korean series/drama which was a huge success this year. Some of them are indeed new actors, but some of them are actors who have long been heroes in the entertainment world, only their names have skyrocketed recently.

The acting success of these actors has earned them attention not only in South Korea, but also global fans. Here are 6 South Korean actors who are included in the list of rising stars in 2022.

  1. Park Solomon (Lomon) – All of Us Are Dead

Thanks to the series All of Us Are Dead, young South Korean actor Park Solomon is gaining international popularity. Thanks to his role as Lee Su Hyeok, his handsome face and brave character can melt the hearts of viewers.

His love story with actress Choi Yi Hyun makes this horror thriller genre series a touch of romance. Since All of Us Are Dead, Lomon has received many projects and made him appear on television more and more often. Even so, fans still can’t wait for the next Lomon drama or film.

  1. Kim Min Kyu – A Business Proposal

Despite not being the male lead in the drama A Business Proposal, the name of actor Kim Min Kyu received great attention from the audience. Moreover, because of her natural acting and amazing chemistry with actress Seol In Ah, who recently held a fan meeting in Jakarta. Some scenes of Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah are even trending on Twitter.

Although actually, the name Kim Min Kyu has started to be discussed when he starred in the drama Snowdrop with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jung Hae In. However, it was the drama A Business Proposal that made the name of this 27-year-old actor skyrocket because his role was getting more attention.

A Business Proposal is a drama adapted from a webtoon and has been a huge success. And unexpectedly, when it was made into the A Business Proposal series, it was no less popular than the webtoon version.

  1. Son Suk Ku – My Liberation Notes

Even though he is 39 years old, the name of actor Son Suk Ku can be said to be on the list of rising stars in 2022. Previously, Son Suk Ku had been the main actor in several dramas, one of which was Nothing Serious. He is also involved in other popular dramas such as D.P, Be Melodramatic to Matrimonial Chaos.

However, as a mysterious man named Mr. Gu in My Liberation Notes, Son Suk Ku’s name skyrocketed. His acting as an alcoholic man and a sense of hopelessness for the future caught the audience’s attention. He is like a mysterious man, with no identity, no passion for life, but responsible.

Son Suk Ku managed to describe how a former gangster finally found love. He can show various charms and sides as a great actor.

After the success of My Liberation Notes, Son Suk Ku soon appeared in a new project. This time, he starred in an action/criminal film called The Roundup with senior actor Ma Dong Seok. No kidding, The Roundup became one of the highest-grossing films in South Korea, reaching 11 million viewers in just one month!

  1. Lee Junho – The Red Sleeve

The young actor who made his debut as an idol in the 2PM boy group did not play around in trying out the world of acting. Since starring in the drama The Red Sleeve, his name is at the top of all brand reputation lists. His face is never absent in every advertisement in South Korea.

The Red Sleeve itself has brought various awards. And what stole the most attention, Lee Junho’s name came out as the winner of the Best Actor category at the best actor award ceremony at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In The Red Sleeve, Lee Junho acted as
King Yi San who falls in love with butler Sung Deok Im, played by Lee Se Young. Since then, Lee Junho’s name has lined up with other top actors because of his success in the royal drama.

  1. Choi Woo Sik – Our Beloved Summer

Although the name of actor Choi Woo Sik is already familiar after the popularity of the film Parasite in 2019, but his name cannot be removed from the list of rising star actors in 2022.

Being the main character in the drama Our Beloved Summer, Choi Woo Sik’s popularity continues to grow exponentially. His character as Choi Woong in the high school romance series has proven to fascinate the audience. Moreover, the way Choi Woong shows his love for Guk Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi), is really adorable!

Just like Lee Junho, Choi Woo Sik entered the top list of brand reputation and starred in several advertisements. He also took part in the show In the SOOP: Friendcation as a member of the Wooga Squad. There, fans can see another side of Choi Woo Shik which is certainly very entertaining.

  1. Kang Tae Oh – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Actor Kang Tae Oh is the last name to be included in the rising star list in 2022. Of course we will never forget how the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which recently ended, managed to steal the attention of the audience, to mothers in Indonesia who are not hard-line fans. ‘ Korean drama.

Talking about the success of the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, of course it can’t be separated from Lee Jun Ho’s character. An employee at a law firm who makes viewers’ hearts flutter with his tenderness and honesty. He then falls in love with autistic lawyer Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin). Their love story is very cute but also sweet.

Unfortunately, Kang Tae Oh’s fans have to be patient waiting for the next drama or film project. The reason is, the 28-year-old actor has just started his mandatory military service.

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