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6 Places in Anime Summertime Render that are in the Real World

6 Places in Anime Summertime Render that are in the Real World

The anime by Studio OLM with the suspense mystery genre, namely Summertime Render, is indeed quite exciting to follow. Not only presenting an interesting storyline, the designs and animations presented in this anime are also quite pleasing to the eye.

In fact, the setting in Summertime Render seems to be based on a real location in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, you know. The setting in this anime is mostly from the small uninhabited island of Tomogashima and the nearby port cities. This time, the author has summarized several places in the Summertime Render anime that you can find in the real world. Let’s see more!

Battery ruins number 1

In the flashback scene of Hizuru’s character who lost his twin sister, the background of the scene shows a large gate among the trees. You can find this gate on Tomogashima Island, precisely at the entrance to the ruins of battery 1.

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Tomogashima Island itself is known as a war base that has been built since the Meiji era. Because it was a former military headquarters, this island was also removed from the map in ancient times. So, it is not surprising that this island holds so many historical buildings left over from the war.

Battery ruins number 3

Still in the fort ruins area of ​​Tomogashima Island, you will find a tunnel spot that also appears in the Summertime Render. To be precise, in the scene when Shinpei met Hizuru and Nezu after jumping through time.

This tunnel is the ruins of battery 3. This place is the most interesting of the ruins because there are many dark tunnels that can be explored in this area. Besides Summertime Render, this place is also the setting for Studio Ghibli’s film, Castle in the Sky.

Kojimaichi Shoten

Although some scenes were shot in Tomogashima, in fact the island is completely uninhabited. So, if the scene in the anime shifts to the city, it is the Kada area that is the inspiration for the setting of the place in Summertime Render. This port city is also quite close to Tomogashima.

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When the Shinpei scene is around the convenience store owned by the Kobayakawa family, it turns out that this shopping area can also be found in the real world, you know. This location is commonly called Kojimaichi Shoten. If in the anime the Kobayakawa shop is told as the only convenience store in town, it turns out that the original shop that was used for inspiration sells Yomogi Mochi which is quite popular among local people there.

Kishimoto Shoten

Still in the Kada area, we move on to another shopping area, namely Kishimoto Shoten. This small alley location also appears in one of the Summertime Render scenes when Shinpei and Mio take shelter from the heavy rain.

At this location we can find a scene that is almost the same as the anime version, a small shopping area with a stone wall opposite. Some small details, such as the vending machine, the shape of the shops, to the location of the chairs were made the same as the original. The difference is, only the bulletin board is specifically added in the anime version.

Kada Elementary School

A large writing that reads Hitogashima School had appeared in one scene in this anime. In Summertime Render, this is where Shinpei and Mio meet Sou. Originally, the setting of this place was made similar to the spot near the Kada Elementary School pool.

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Although the writing has been changed, the bird symbol in the corner of the writing is still drawn the same as the original version. The scenery on the trails throughout the city is also much of the inspiration for the setting of the place in the Summertime Render.

Tanoura Fishing Port

Not only the Kada area that became the urban design inspiration for the Summertime Render anime, the Tano and Saikazaki areas are also references and are widely featured in this anime. The residential areas that are shown briefly in the shadowy scenes that shroud the entire city originate from the housing estates in the Tano and Saikazaki areas.

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