5 Strong Characters whose Strengths Are Still Mysterious in the Berserk Series

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You could say that Berserk is the best manga ever made. Apart from having an exciting plot, this series also has a stunning world-building packaged in impeccable depiction art. Not only that, this series also has many very diverse characters with attractive designs and extraordinary powers.

Unfortunately, there’s still a lot to explore in this series. The reason is, there are some characters who are known to be strong, but their strength is still mysterious. Want to know who the characters are? Check out the following reviews.

  1. Flower Storm Monarch

As the ruler of Elfhelm, there is no doubt that Flower Storm Monach is one of the strongest characters in the series. The Flower Storm Monarch was known to possess extremely unrivaled magical power.

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Attested by the Skull Knight, Flower Storm Monarch also had the ability to repair the mind of someone who had trauma. Due to his calm personality, the Flower Storm Monarch doesn’t get involved in many fights so fans still haven’t seen his full power.

  1. Zodd

Zodd was an Apostle and of course he was no ordinary Apostle. Zodd has wandered from battle to battle just to satisfy his war desires. Because of this, Zodd is a very feared figure on the battlefield.

Zodd once fought with Guts, but his attack was blocked by Guts because he underestimated Guts too much. In addition, Zodd also had a fight with the Skull Knight which proved that he was a very strong Apostle. Unfortunately, so far Zodd has not been seen using all of his powers.

  1. Skull Knight

The Skull Knight is one of the most mysterious characters in the series. Not much is known about him, including his past and powers. However, it is known that the Skull Knights are the sworn enemies of the Apostles and the Hand of God.

For centuries, the Skull Knights had fought against the Apostle and the Hand of God. How much power is indeed still a mystery. However, considering that he had fought the Apostle and the God Hands for a long time, the Skull Knight’s strength definitely couldn’t be underestimated.

  1. Locus

When he was still alive, Locus was known as a legendary figure. Until after he died and was reborn as an Apostle, Locus’ power was even greater than before.

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As a fighter, Locus is very invincible on the battlefield. He usually uses a spear as his weapon. Unfortunately, the level of his power is currently unknown due to him rarely appearing in the series.

  1. God’s Hand

There is no doubt that the Hand of God is the most powerful group in the series. After Griffith joined, God’s Hand had five members, namely Void, Slan, Ubik, Conrad, and Femto.

The Hand of God has the ability to turn a person into an Apostle. It was very clear that they possessed extraordinary strength. Unfortunately, so far no member of the Hand of God has shown its full power.

After the creator, Kentaro Miura, died, Berserk went on a long hiatus. Even so, Miura’s friend, Koji Mori, plans to continue what Miura couldn’t finish. Hopefully the creator will soon reveal the strength of the five characters above, yes!