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5 Royal Dramas Played by Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin is currently gaining attention for her attractive role in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. However, before becoming famous as it is today, Park Eun Bin has played many roles in various dramas, including royal dramas.

The following are 5 royal dramas that have been played by Park Eun Bin. Starting from small roles in dramas to becoming the main character. Check it out!

  1. The Great Queen Seondeok (2009) as Bo Ryang

The Great Queen Seondeok tells the story of the first queen during the royal period in South Korea. Queen Seondeok became the first woman to serve as Queen of Silla in 632-647, at which time only men could serve in government.

Queen Seondeok became queen because the previous king, King Jinpyeong, the father of Queen Seondeok, only had twin daughters. This drama even got a rating of 43.6% when it aired.

Drama Queen Seondeok received 2 awards at the 2009 Grimae Awards, 12 awards at the 2009 MBC Drama Awards, 1 award at the 2010 Korea Producers & Director’s (PD) Awards, 2 awards at the 2010 Baeksang Arts Awards, 1 award at the 37th Korea Broadcasting Awards 2010, and 3 awards at the 5th Seoul International Awards 2010.

Drama genre history, drama and action. The drama, which was directed by Kim Geun Hong and Park Hong Kyun, aired 62 episodes. Park Eun Bin also plays a role in this drama as Bo Ryang.

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  1. The Iron Empress (2009) as young Hwang Bo-su

The Iron Empress is the grandson of Wang Gun who was the first king of the Goryeo kingdom. The Queen joins the war against the enemy who intends to bring down Goryeo. That’s what makes him The Iron Empress. He was forced to get rid of his brothers, children and lovers for the sake of a better kingdom.

This drama was directed by Shin Chang-suk and Hwang In-hyuk with 78 episodes. At that time this drama aired on KBS2. Park Eun Bin also took part in this drama. He played Hwang Bo-su when he was young.

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  1. Hur Jun, the Original Story (2013) as Da-Hee

Hur Jun is a 2013 South Korean television series about the life of Heo Jun, a commoner whose life is rising to become a royal doctor in Joseon. The television series aired on MBC from March 18 to September 23, 2013 for 135 episodes.

Heo Jun was the son of a concubine and the governor of Yeongcheon. When he witnesses the brilliant doctor Yoo Ui-tae save a dying person, he decides to become a doctor.

First he works as a collector of medicinal herbs, then with Ye-jin’s help at Yoo Ui-tae’s clinic, he studies rare medical texts imported from the Ming dynasty. With his extensive medical knowledge, Heo Jun begins to treat patients under Yoo Ui-tae’s supervision. But he then despairs of his inability to cure his mentor’s stomach cancer.

In this drama, Park Eun Bin plays the role of Da Hee.

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  1. Secret Door (2014) as Lady Hyegyeong

This drama tells about the conflict between King Yeongjo (Han Suk-Kyu) and Crown Prince Sado or Lee Sun (Lee Je Hoon). King Yeongjo pursues strong royal authority, while Crown Prince Sado insists on equality for all.

This difference caused the two of them to disagree. Actually, there have been many Korean dramas that tell the story of King Yeongjo and Crown Prince Sado which ended tragically.

In this drama, Park Eun Bin plays the role of Ladu Hyegyeong who becomes Lee Sun’s wife. The drama that airs on SBS has 24 episodes until the end of its broadcast.

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  1. The King Affection (2021) as Lee Hwi

The King Affection tells of a queen who gave birth to twins. But giving birth to twins during the kingdom is believed to bring havoc.

So that one of them must be killed or live outside the palace. The one who lives in the palace becomes the crown prince named Lee Hwi. Meanwhile, her twin sister lives outside the palace and tries to become a palace maid.

Once upon a time, the crown prince died from an arrow. So that his twin who became the palace lady replaced Lee Hwi’s position as crown prince. He fell in love with his childhood best friend who was the son of an official who had killed his twin brother.

This drama will run for 20 episodes from October 11, 2021 to December 14, 2021 on TvN and Netflix. Directed by Song Hyun Wook, this drama is a historical, drama and romantic genre.

Interesting story, please watch The King Affection on Netflix, ok!

Those are 5 royal Korean dramas that have been played by Park Eun Bin. Currently Park Eun Bin is stealing attention thanks to his stunning acting in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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