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5 Recommended Mafia Anime that is Exciting and Full of Tension

There are many recommendations for mafia anime that have an exciting story. The reason is, every story in the mafia anime is filled with tense action. Not only that, anime with stories about the mafia are also often colored with intrigue and exciting twists that make the plot difficult to predict. Therefore, mafia anime can be the right spectacle for those of you who like action and mystery genres.

Not only stories full of action and suspense, mafia anime recommendations also often feature interesting characters. Sometimes, characters in mafia anime appear heroically. However, it is also rare for the main character in mafia anime to appear in a “dark” and mysterious nuance.

Curious, what are the recommendations for fun and suspenseful mafia anime? Just take a look at the list and a brief review below.


The first mafia anime recommendation that you must watch is GANGSTA. From the title alone, it is clear that this anime tells about the life of a gangster or mafia group in a fictional city called Ergastalum. Anime GANGSTA has an exciting and suspenseful story.

Told in this anime, two people who work as mercenaries who must be ready to do anything. They were Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who later became known as the Handymen. Handymen perform a variety of jobs on demand, ranging from killing and committing other criminal acts.


Furthermore, in the mafia anime recommendation, there is an anime titled PHANTOM: REQUIEM FOR THE PHANTOM. This anime story begins with the hunt for a mafia member who fled to America. The mafia is responsible for what is considered a mass murder. In America, at that time, it was depicted that the mafia was booming.

One of America’s strongest mafia groups, Inferno also continues to develop weapons called Phantoms. Once upon a time, a Japanese tourist who came to America accidentally witnessed the process of testing Phantom weapons. The tourist then fled but was eventually caught and brainwashed. The tourist, named Zwei, is now part of Inferno.

  1. 91 DAYS

91 DAYS can also be an alternative viewing choice for those of you who are looking for an exciting mafia anime recommendation. The anime 91 DAYS tells the story of Angelo Lagusa’s life who experienced misfortune as a child. As a child, Angelo witnessed his family being massacred by a mafia group called Vanetti. Since then, Angelo has used the new name Avilio Bruno.
Avilio harbored a bitter grudge within him. Until one day seven years after the heartbreaking event happened, Avilio received a mysterious letter which then pushed him back to the city where his parents and sister were massacred. After Avilio returns to the city he meets Vanetti and Nero. Avilio secretly began to launch his action for revenge.


This next mafia anime recommendation is no less exciting than the previous two. BLACK LAGOON is not only fun, but also has a different story than others because it uses an unusual setting. BLACK LAGOON uses Roanapur, Thailand as a setting. In this anime, the city is described as a crime haven.

Various cases that occurred in the city were allegedly supported by local mafia organizations or syndicates. Once upon a time, a ruler from Japan named Rokurou Okajima made a business visit to Southeast Asia. Unknowingly, it turns out that Rokuro has become the target of a local mafia in Roanapur, called the Black Lagoon.

  1. DURARA!!

The fourth recommended mafia anime also has a story that is no less unique. How not, the anime titled DURAARA!! raised the story of the mafia among teenagers. Thus, the mafia in this anime is depicted with plain and innocent looking characters.

Anime story DURARA!! begins when a student living in the village, Mikado Ryuugamine harbors a desire to live in Tokyo. The opportunity for Mikado came from a friend who asked him to move to Tokyo. When he just moved to Tokyo, Mikado was faced with an event he will never forget. At that time, Mikado saw with his own eyes a group of motorized mafia Black Riders in action.

Mikado’s life changed since then. There are things that without him knowing make him involved with the Black Rider mafia group.


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