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5 Reasons You Must Watch Anime Love Between Fairy and Devil

5 Reasons You Must Watch Anime Love Between Fairy and Devil

Who is still playing with the XiaoCang couple aka Xiao Lanhua and Dongfang Qincang? Calm down, for those of you who are gamers with the drama Love Between Fairy And Devil or Cang Lan Jue, specifically IQiyi and Stellar Creative released special episodes on September 12 and 13 yesterday.

Exactly on September 17, 2022, the drama team Love Between Fairy And Devil or Cang Lan Jue held an online fan meeting, where this content can be accessed for free for VIP users. In addition, neither Stellar nor IQiyi specifically reposted the anime or donghua from This Love Between Fairy And Devil.

Not only the drama has a series of interesting facts, the anime/donghua also has some interesting facts, you know. Check out the following facts.

  1. Is the third version of the story of the orchid fairy and the demon king

If the drama is an adaptation of the combination of the three previous versions, the anime or donghua itself is adapted from the comics. Where the comic has sold over 2000 copies and made the comic the best-selling comic.

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So, for those of you who are really obsessed with the story of Xiaolan and A Qiang, this is a must, try to watch the anime or the donghua too.

  1. Has a different storyline from the other three versions and a shorter duration

The name is also a work with various versions, of course, it must present something different. Therefore, each adaptation will be made slightly different from the original work. Even so, the integrity of the core story is maintained, so that either Donghua or the drama is still worth watching as entertainment.

In addition, if the drama has a longer duration than each episode, it will be around 45 minutes. For the anime/donghua, it only has a shorter duration of only about 10 minutes of each episode.

  1. Still produced by Stellar Creativity

Yup, Stellar Creative as a content creation company as well as a production house that initiated the adaptation of Cang Lan Jue into a work in another version.

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Cang Lan Jue or Love Between Fairy And Devil itself started from a web novel which was later made into print. The success of the novel certainly made Stellar Creative move to adapt the work with other versions such as comics, donghua and dramas.

  1. Liu Yuning is also a dubber, here

If you’re a viewer of You Are My Glory, you’ll know Liu Yuning. Yups, this guy who often subscribes to the soundtrack of Chinese dramas also had time to take part in both the drama and Donghua Love Between Fairy And Devil.

If in the drama Love Between Fairy And Devil Yuning is trusted to fill in the original soundtrack entitled Find You, it’s a different story in the donghua, Yuning is trusted to dub Dongfang Qincang’s voice, you know.

  1. Republished due to a change in the ending of the story

Before the drama Love Between Fairy And Devil aired simultaneously internationally, the donghua or the anime had already been broadcast through the local Chinese server. After the drama was over, many of the viewers were asking about the second season.

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However, Stellar Creative only promised a spin off of the drama. However, Stellar Creative has yet to decide which actress and actor will be playing in the spin off. And instead, Stellar republished Donghua Love Between Fairy And Devil which has a different ending from the drama version.

No less interesting is not it, with the facts of the drama? For those of you who want to watch the anime or drama version, you can watch it via the IQiyi online streaming platform or through the IQiyi Anime YouTube official channel.

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