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5 Reasons Why Dr. Stone Worth Watching

Dr. Stone is an anime based on the Japanese shnen manga series of the same name written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. This anime has aired for 2 seasons, where the first season aired on July 5, 2019, the second season on January 14, 2021, and a special episode on July 10, 2022 ago.

Unlike most other shōnen stories that emphasize superpowers as the main theme, the story in Dr. Stone is very closely related to science that really exists in the world today. Not only that, the science theme is also combined with fiction stories full of mysteries that are very exciting to follow.

In addition to the unique theme of the story, there are at least 5 other reasons why Dr. Stone highly recommends the author for lovers of science fiction-themed stories and anime connoisseurs in general. Curious, what’s the reason? Let’s see in the following article!

Sci-fi-themed anime, but it doesn’t give you a headache

This anime tells about the petrification disaster experienced by mankind that made civilization destroyed for thousands of years. After that, there was a teenager named Ishigami Senkuu who survived thanks to his amazing brain abilities.

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Unfortunately, Senkuu wakes up in the midst of a new world where humanity’s technology is barely left. Instead of giving up, Senkuu is determined to restore all of humanity and its technology with the power of science that he has.

At first glance, it sounds like a heavy story, not a synopsis from Dr. Stones? Eits! Make no mistake. Although there are many explanations about science in this anime, the author makes a storyline that is quite interesting so that sometimes you unconsciously learn a science fact while enjoying the conflict of the story that is happening.

Not only that, Riichiro Inagaki also makes an explanation of scientific discoveries in this anime in a simple and fun way so that we will not be burdened with a variety of new knowledge about science from this anime.

The storyline is not long-winded

Dr. Stone has so far continued to bring the story forward. That is, you don’t find many flashback scenes in this anime. Not only that, the author also doesn’t create a single scene that is wasted in this story so it is very felt that each scene will definitely be connected to other scenes.

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The steps taken by the main character are also clearly written in order to achieve their goal, which is to free mankind from the petrification disaster. This will definitely help the audience so they won’t be confused by every action of the characters in the anime Dr. Stones.

Interestingly, the conflicts that have occurred in the previous storyline are mutually sustainable and can be a clue to guess what the story will be in the future. From there, the audience can also guess how Senkuu will solve the problems he encounters.

Most of the scientific discoveries in this anime are researched accurately

Even though it takes the theme of science fiction, it turns out that all of the science technology that Senkuu made in this anime is based on scientific facts that actually exist in the real world, you know. So, actually the fictional element in Dr. Stone is in the theme and plot of the story, not the scientific findings in it.

Cool, there are some scientific discoveries in this anime that are easy to do at home. So if you’re interested, you can all make things like soft drinks, simple light bulbs, to the simplest things like making colorful fires and making water flow with just a hose.

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Even quite complex scientific discoveries such as telephones, steam engines, and power plants were also accurately researched by Riichiro Inagaki so that you can find many new facts about modern science in this anime.

Although it looks like a serious anime, the comedy in Dr. Stone is very entertaining

Usually if we keep talking about science, we will think that Dr. Stone will be an anime with a story that is always serious. Fortunately, the premise is not quite right to be juxtaposed with Dr.’s story. Stones.

As explained above, the storytelling of this anime is light and easy to understand. Well, one of the steps taken by the author to make that impression is to include elements of comedy in it. Of course, the comedy in this anime can be enjoyed by many people and more is created from the interaction between the characters.

The cool thing is, it’s not uncommon for Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi to insert comedy-related science and comedy that link games, manga, or other anime series. So, it is guaranteed that you will not feel bored with the comedy in Dr.’s story. Stones!

All the characters in this anime have their own characters and roles

In addition to scientific discoveries and storylines, another thing that makes this anime very interesting to watch is the characters. All characters, whether main, antagonist, or supporting, in this anime have their respective roles and uniqueness which of course can easily make the audience “bond” with certain characters.

For example, there is the main character, Senkuu, who has above average intelligence, but doesn’t care about anything other than science. Then there is Chrome who is a science maniac from the stone age with a passion for collecting various mineral stones. And there is Kohaku, the main female character in this series with above average physical strength and fighting ability who loves her colleagues very much.

In addition to the three characters above, there are many other characters who have other uniqueness. For example, there are characters who act as mentalists, skilled craftsmen, humans with powers beyond reason, to people who only rely on muscles in their lives. The existence of characters with different characters will produce unique interactions as well as add to the richness of the story in Dr. Stones.

It’s not often that we can follow an anime with a science-themed story, but it’s light and fun in nature? Well, since next year’s third season of Dr. Stone will start soon, you can try to follow the previous seasons if you are interested in watching this anime.

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