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5 Popular Anime Banned in Some Countries

There are many reasons why other countries have banned anime from showing. It could be because it contains elements of violence, pornography, or because it teaches things that are considered inappropriate to be shown. Due to the anime controversy, the anime is not allowed to be watched even for adults. So, here are some anime that are banned from broadcast by many countries in the world.


Just the first release, Osamatsu-san has been banned by copyright laws in Japan. This is due to its parody comedy which features a number of popular anime.

In the first episode, the characters parodied scenes from Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and many others. The first episode of this anime was immediately withdrawn from circulation in Japan, including the DVD.

Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki

Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki follows the journey of a young girl who is abused and humiliated in a ritual. He then meets a mystical dwarf companion who will accompany him on his journey. Because the content is considered to trigger depression and gloom.

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Many were disturbed by the story so that the footage of this anime film was destroyed by audiences in many countries since it was first released. However, a few years later, Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki was re-released and made a live action version in 2016.

Hetalia: Axis Power

The character formula in Hetalia: Axis Power is said to be offensive to many. These characters are made to represent a number of countries, so they seem to fit the stereotype of the country they represent. South Korea thinks this anime is not funny at all. On the other hand, they think that this anime displays false facts about hanbok and excessive lewdness.

They also don’t like the characters in it that show a close relationship with Japanese characters because South Korea is not that close in the real world. Due to criticism and protests from South Korea, Studio Deen removed all South Korean references to the anime characters in it.

Attack on Titan

Seeing that China has banned the anime Attack on Titan, fans will understand why. This anime does show humans being eaten by Titans, gore scenes that are too cruel and other violent scenes.

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The series sparked a nightmare for Chinese audiences. But violent content isn’t the only reason. What is more crucial is that this series shows the intense resistance to the government.

Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD is indeed one of the popular anime. But the story in this series contains a lot of traditional harem elements. In addition, the characters in it are young and do not deserve to be involved in an adult story as shown. For that reason New Zealand banned the circulation of this anime because it was considered to show the sexual exploitation of minors. In addition, the main character who is depicted as a pervert and dreams of becoming a Harem King is completely inappropriate.

Well, even though many countries have banned the circulation of this anime, some other countries don’t agree with the reasons for their ban. China is one of the most stringent countries in terms of censorship, so many anime and shows are considered sensitive and unfit for distribution.

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