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5 Must Watch Music Anime While Waiting For Bocchi the Rock!

5 Must Watch Music Anime While Waiting For Bocchi the Rock!

Anime Bocchi the Rock! teach the various meanings of life. Starting from friendship, life goals, to self-confidence. Although it has a lot of moral messages, this anime does not present a serious story. This anime is also wrapped in comedy so that fans don’t get bored.

If you are one of the connoisseurs of Bocchi the Rock! which has not so many episodes, you may feel less satisfied when you have finished this anime. Don’t worry, here are some recommendations for music anime that you must watch while waiting for Bochi the Rock!

NANA (2006)

NANA tells the story of a friendship between two girls with the same name, just like the friendship of Bocchi the Rock!, between seven girls. Even though this anime has slightly older characters, it can be enjoyed by fans of Bocchi the Rock! who has a much younger character.

NANA presents a touching story about two girls who are opposites despite having the same name. They met each other while boarding a train. Incidentally they also have the same goal. Since then, they have shared stories about the difficulties they experienced growing up.

K-ON! (2009)

K-ON! has featured one of the most iconic high school girl bands of all time. This anime presents a slice of life story wrapped in comedy, and music so we can be sure that this anime will make fans of Bocchi the Rock! cheered happily.

Set at school, in the clubroom to be exact, K-ON! tells the story of Yui Hirasawa who accidentally joins the Light Music Club. He misunderstood, so he intended to leave. However, he became the last hope so that the club, which only had three members, was not disbanded.

Wake Up, Girls! (2014)

Wake Up, Girls! centered on the daily story of an idol group in a small town. This anime is filled with motivation from each member of the group so that there is a moral message that can be taken. This anime shows that each member has to face personal difficulties and life as a professional idol.

The members of Wake Up, Girls! is an idol group and the last client of the ever successful management company Green Leaves Entertainment. When their careers are threatened, there is a mysterious figure who saves their company and group by becoming an investor. This is where their story begins.

BanG Dream (2017)

BanG Dream! is a music anime that highlights a group of girls in the midst of their hard work in achieving their dreams as a band that wants to perform at the Budokan. This anime has a fun story about finding passion in pursuing a dream as a musician.

BanG Drem! tells the story of a high school girl who is looking for what she likes. After trying various things, he saw a star-shaped guitar that left him stunned. That’s where his dream journey begins until he meets people who have the same dream as him.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart (2020)

Just as the title suggests, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart is a music anime that focuses on the story of an idol group. This anime shows a group of girls who find their idol group and dormitory tangled up in debt of one hundred million yen. So, this anime shows a strong friendship.

Centering on a girl who joins Fruit Tart after moving to Tokyo, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart shows how the members of Fruit Tart save their beloved group. The problem is, they are a newly formed idol group. Here, a friendship story similar to Bocchi the Rock! grow stronger.

Well, that’s a must-watch music anime recommendation while waiting for Bocchi the rock. This anime is one of the music anime that airs in Fall 2022. The anime, which is produced by Cloverworks studio, only has 12 episodes.

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