5 Most Popular Semi-Thai Movies


Thai spring films have a lot of fans. This special film for adults presents a romantic and comedic story to wrap some hot scenes.

Semi Thai films are also often of the thriller or horror genre. Here are five semi-Thai films that are interesting to watch on the weekend, summarized from various sources, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

  1. Jan Dara the Beginning (2012)

The first Thai spring film was Jan Dara the Beginning, which aired in 2012. This film is pretty much full of sensual scenes. This erotic drama genre film was made based on the novel by Pramool Unhathoop, namely The Story of Jan Dara.

This novel is a famous Thai erotic novel. On the other hand, one of the players in this film is a handsome actor, Mario Maurer. This film tells the story of a man who has sexual relations with his stepmother because he is angry with his father.

  1. Last Life in The Universe (2003)

Next up is ‘Last Life in The Universe’. This film is a murder story that is colored with sensual scenes. This film tells the story of a Japanese man, Kenji, who is obsessed with suicide, and he lives in Bangkok. One night, Kenji accidentally kills a member of a yakuza gang.

On the other hand, there is a female character named “Noi” who lives in a burning beach town in Pattaya. The same night Kenji kills the yakuza, Noi accidentally kills his sister. Kenji and Noi hide together and spend the most awkward 3 days in hopes of finding love, life and redemption.

  1. Spell (2014)

This semi-thai film is a horror story with sensual scenes. The story begins when a young woman (WanidaTermthanaporn), meets an old man, who accidentally comes into contact with a potion she is carrying, finds herself slowly turning into a voracious sexual predator and realizes that she has been possessed by a spirit named (Pramote Tianchaikerdsilp) which is known to be quite deadly. by constantly seeking sexual experiences.

  1. Eternity (2010)

Eternity is a Thai erotic romantic drama film that aired in 2010. This film tells the story of a young man visiting a village in Burma. One night, a beautiful woman came to his room and tried to seduce him. Until finally the man began to look for the origin of the woman, to find an experience he will never forget.

  1. Mae Bia (2015)

Mae Bia’s film has also become one of the films that are peppered with sensual scenes. This film is one of the semi-Thai films that is interesting to review. Meanwhile, the 2015 film tells the story of a person named Chanachol who recently moved and signed up for a tour to reconnect with Thai culture. But even so, he finds himself attracted to the tour guide, Mekhala. And this also grows the seeds of love between them.

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