5 Korean Dramas About Hackers, Exciting Stories Behind Data Hacking Actions

5 Korean Dramas About Hackers, Exciting Stories Behind Data Hacking Actions

As technology and information advances, cyber crimes such as hacking or hacking are increasingly common. In fact, recently the public was shocked by the appearance of a hacker who claimed to have pocketed the data of millions of Indonesian internet users and disclosed various data on government institutions.
The existence of this disturbing hacker is also raised in Korean dramas, you know. Korean dramas, which are usually synonymous with romance, are packed with data hacking action stories. This Korean drama about hackers will provide an overview of the actions of hackers who have various purposes. For those of you who are curious, here Hipwee has a list of Korean dramas about hackers that are fun to watch.

  1. Phantom Ghost, a story about a cyber crime detective who investigates a hacker

This Korean drama which was released in 2012 is quite exciting for you to follow. Phantom Ghost tells the story of a special cyber crime detective named Kim Woo-hyun who gets the task of investigating a hacker named Hades. Woo-hyun investigates Hades for hacking an important system. However, in the process of the investigation, Woo-hyun found other facts about the crimes committed by Hades.

Another surprising fact is also revealed when Woo-hyun finds out that Hades is actually his classmate at the police academy. This makes it difficult for Woo-hyun to carry out his duties, because Hades instead asks for protection. This drama is quite interesting and exciting, especially because Woo-hyun and Hades are played by the same actor, namely So Ji-sub.

  1. Healer, the story of a group whose mission is to solve illegal broadcasting cases

For those of you who like dramas about in-depth case investigations, this drama can be an exciting viewing choice. Healer tells the story of 3 people who join a group whose mission is to solve illegal broadcasting cases a decade ago. This group consists of a hacker named Ji Chang-wook who has the initials Healer, an online media reporter, and a broadcast media journalist.

Healer is asked by the journalist to protect a woman named Kim Mun-ho who is an online media reporter who turns out to be related to an illegal broadcasting case. The three have a close relationship because of the investigation mission. Especially when they discovered the fact that their parents were victims in that case.

  1. Mad Dog, the story of a detective who investigates a plane crash that took his wife and child

The hacker drama, which was released in 2017, tells the story of a detective named Choi Kang-woo or nicknamed Mad Dog. He is the leader of an insurance investigation team to prevent fraud in the insurance disbursement process. One day he meets Kim Min-joon who is the younger brother of a plane pilot who had an accident and claimed the lives of his wife and child.

Min-joon says that the accident was intentional. This includes Mad Dog and his team trying to gather evidence of the incident. The Mad Dog team consists of reliable hackers to carry out hacks in order to collect solid evidence about the accident.

  1. Circle, the story of an extraterrestrial alien who becomes a hacker

If you like fantasy genre dramas, this drama can be an exciting viewing option. This drama has a fantasy and dystopia story that tells the story of technology and extraterrestrials. This drama tells of a space alien named Byul who disguises himself as a reliable and famous hacker.

One day he meets a family, unfortunately Byul becomes the subject of an experiment by the head of the family. Byul became the object of research to solve the mystery circle which became a question mark for the world community.

  1. Police University, the story of a genius hacker who hacked data to pay for his father’s cancer treatment

The hacker drama, which was released in 2021, tells the story of a hacker named Kang Seon-ho. He has above average intelligence and can hack computer systems. Seon-ho did the hack to pay for his father’s cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Seon-ho’s crime was caught and he had to deal with the police. However, he was finally released thanks to the help of a detective who handled his case.

The Korean drama about hackers above is interesting enough to be an exciting spectacle. Especially if you are curious about the hacker’s actions and the purpose of the crime. You can watch these dramas on online streaming platforms.

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