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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Anya Forger in Anime SPY x FAMILY

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Anya Forger in Anime SPY x FAMILY

You could say that Anya Forger is an icon of the SPY x FAMILY series. The reason is, many fans like SPY x FAMILY because they are interested in the funny behavior of Anya Forger. From her obsession with peanuts to the way she helps her father’s mission, Anya’s behavior always manages to make the audience laugh because of her cuteness.

This time, the author has summarized five facts you didn’t know about Anya Forger SPY x FAMILY. Curious what the facts are? Check out the following reviews.

How Anya got her powers

As we know, Anya is not an ordinary child. He is not a genius, but Anya has an ability that other children don’t have, namely telepathy. Of course, Anya didn’t get her powers just like that.

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Before being adopted by Loid, Anya was an experimental material named Test Subject 007. Anya went through a painful process before she got her powers. Luckily, Anya managed to escape from the laboratory and survive by moving from orphanage to orphanage.

Anya can’t use her powers every new moon

The Midterm Exams arc reveals that Anya’s telepathic abilities have limitations. Every month, Anya experiences Eclipsing, which is 1 day when Anya can’t use her powers. This happens every new moon or when the Moon is not visible.

Unfortunately, in the Midterm Exams arc, Anya cannot use her powers at inopportune times. When Anya has to face the midterm exams, Anya can’t even use her powers. As a result, Anya has to study with Yor’s sister, Yuri Briar, even though the results are in vain.

Anya named Bond after being inspired by her favorite anime character

Anya is a big fan of the detective anime Spy Wars. It is said that the anime has a main character named Bondman. Thanks to the character, Anya was inspired to name her dog Bond.

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When the Forgers agreed to adopt Bond, they were confused about what to name the dog. However, while they were playing in the park, a dog suddenly stole one of Anya’s gloves. Knowing that it is Anya’s favorite item, Bond immediately intimidates the dog and takes back his master’s gloves. Bond’s heroic actions remind Anya of Bondman so she is given the name Bond.

Anya doesn’t like Fiona

For those of you who have not read the manga, you may still be unfamiliar with the name Fiona Frost. Fiona herself is one of the WISE agents who also goes undercover at Berlint General Hospital to help Loid. Fiona actually fell in love with Loid and wanted to replace Yor as his wife.

Unfortunately, Fiona seems to have failed to win over the Loid child’s heart. The reason is, Anya doesn’t seem to like Fiona. This was proven when Fiona came to Loid’s house just to intimidate Yor, when Anya and Loid were not at home.

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When Anya and her father return, Anya reads Fiona’s mind and learns that Fiona is in love with Loid. Fiona also thought that she could be a better wife for Loid. Imagining Fiona as her mother, Anya immediately tries to make Yor look like a good housewife.

Anya will do anything to be the center of attention

Anya was the type of child who would lie to be the center of attention, especially to impress Damian. This is evidenced in the Great Cruise Adventure arc, when Anya, Loid, and Yor board the Princess Lorelei. When the kids in her class tell about their vacation, Anya brags that she’s boarded Princess Lorelei.

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This of course did not impress the children, because they had all ridden Princess Lorelei. To make the story even more interesting, Anya lied about the hundreds of criminals who boarded the ship and made up stories about the Octo-People. Unfortunately, Anya’s story was too ridiculous that no one believed it.

It’s no surprise that SPY x FAMILY has become a very popular anime among anime fans. The reason is, this series has interesting, funny, and adorable main characters. What do you think of this one Loid and Yor Forger princess?

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