5 Facts about the Shinobu Genshin Impact Cookie You Need to Know

Facts about Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact – Kuki Shinobu is one of the new characters in the Genshin game which was released at a rate up part 2 update 2.7 after Yelan. The character who is usually called Shinobu has long been mentioned in the game since Arataki Itto and his gang were described where he is the Deputy Leader of the Arataki gang.

When the character designs were first shown, some gamers including myself were shocked when they found out that Shinobu was a woman. Not to mention the cool appearance along with the mask. This makes Kuki Shinobu also have fans whose numbers do not want to be outdone by Yelan and other female characters of Genshin.

Shinobu Genshin Impact Cookie Facts

On this occasion, we will provide information about 5 facts about Shinobu Genshin that make you salty with the Arataki Gang because you have very talented friends.

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This information is based on a collection of information that I found based on the Shinobu lore in the game. Here are 5 facts about Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact that will make you salty with the Arataki Gang!

Who is Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact?

Kuki Shinobu is an Electro elemental character who uses a Sword type weapon in Genshin Impact. Shinobu is known as the Deputy Leader in the Arataki Itto Gang and is in charge of managing and having responsibility for the troublesome acts committed by his gang members.

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Kuki Shinobu is known to be very mysterious but talented because he can take care of the gang that often causes trouble in Inazuma. Not many know what his real face looks like behind the mask with the signature Oni design that he often uses.

Kuki Shinobu is from the Grand Narukami Shrine Girl Family Clan in Inazuma

Although Shinobu at first glance appears to have the appearance of a cropped top model that shows a sexy navel and wears short shorts, it turns out that she is from the girl family clan of the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma.

As the name implies, the Kuki Clan is a clan that has long served the Grand Narukami Shrine and has a long history of their maiden lineage. Shinobu’s sister, Misaki, works as a shrine maiden there, but not for Shinobu herself.

Unlike the rest of the Kuki family, Shinobu prefers to choose his own path. Not as a girl from the Kuki clan, but just as a Shinobu who wants to try many things, from trading, studying at Liyue to getting a Law Degree and even joining the Arataki Clown Gang.

Shinobu just wants to enjoy her own path in life and enjoy lots of new experiences instead of having to do the same thing over and over again as a girl at Grand Narukami Shrine. Even so, he is still on good terms with Misaki who works at the Grand Narukami Shrine.

The Most Feared in the Gang, Even Arataki Itto is Afraid of Shinobu

With members of the Arataki Gang who can be said to be delinquents including Arataki Itto himself, it is not uncommon for this gang to cause trouble on Inazuma Island. That’s when the figure of Shinobu in the gang will solve problems made by gang members including the leader himself.

All gang members including Arataki Itto are very afraid of Kuki Shinobu, especially if the Deputy Leader is already very angry after they looked for trouble in Inazuma. It was because every problem they had would be solved by Shinobu as well as strict instructions from him. Because Shinobu is very talented in many ways even taking care of the behavior of the Aarataki Gang.

According to Arataki Itto’s Voice-Over, he and the rest of the gang don’t want to anger Shinobu. Because according to him, facing an angry Shinobu was a nightmare experience he had ever had in his life.

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There was a certain reason he used a mask that had an Oni-like design. Given that Shinobu insisted on not wanting to become a girl at the Grand Narukami Shrine at the request of her parents. Since then, Shinobu has had a bad relationship with her parents. So he tried not to show his face in public so as not to be searched by people from the Kuki Clan.

Reasons for Using Masks

In addition, the masks used by shinobi aim to hide their facial expressions. This is very helpful when he is negotiating with clients or hiding his expression when playing with members of the Arataki Gang.

Kuki Shinobu, A Very Talented Arataki Gang Member

In addition to being an expert in solving all problems stemming from the behavior of members of the Arataki Gang, Shinobu also takes care of all legal matters to increase the name of his gang. Shinobu has an important role in the gang which has expanded the gang’s business ventures, ranging from legal consulting, business negotiations, catering and others. In fact, all businesses and legal certificates according to the law on Inazuma Island are in the name of Kuki Shinobu as the person in charge.

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