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5 Best Spy Characters Ever in Anime

5 Best Spy Characters Ever in Anime

Being a secret agent or spy is indeed a special job. The reason is, not everyone can be a spy. Not only are they required to be good at fighting, they must also be reliable in disguise and quickly adapt to the surrounding environment.

Considering that spying is a very great job, it is not uncommon for stories about spies to be made into various entertainment media, from movies to anime. Well, this time, the author has summarized the five best spy anime characters ever. Curious who the characters are? Check out the following reviews.

Twilight (SPY x FAMILY)

Also known as Loid Forger, Twilight is an undercover agent working for Westalian Intelligence (WISE). Despite her very mysterious identity, Twilight is responsible for keeping world peace in the shadows.

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Twilight is a very good spy in disguise. He can disguise himself as anyone needed, from the head of a terrorist organization to a prime minister. For the sake of undergoing Operation Strix, Twilight is now disguised as Loid Forger, a psychiatrist who works at Berlint General Hospital.

Hey (Darker than Black)

The main protagonist in the popular anime series Darker than Black, Hei is a professional spy and assassin who works for various secret organizations, from The Syndicate to the CIA.

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Hey is also a human with super powers called Contractor. As a Contractor, Hei possesses the Molecular Manipulation ability which allows him to manipulate electricity and alter the molecules in an object.

Ange le Carre (Princess Principal)

Ange le Carre is a spy who is part of Team White Pigeon. Not only a spy, Ange is also a princess of the Albion Kingdom. He attended Queen’s Mayfaire Academy as one of his disguises.

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Like other spies, Ange is also very good at disguises. He can change his personality according to the conditions needed. In addition, Ange is also very good at lying so it is difficult to determine whether Ange’s words are true or not.

Yuuki (Joker Game)

Yuuki is the main protagonist in the Joker Game series and the leader of a spy organization called D-Agency. Even though he is not young, Yuuki’s ability as a spy cannot be underestimated.

Yuuki actually has a serious personality. However, he can change his personality to carry out his undercover mission. Interestingly, unlike the leaders of other spy organizations, Yuuki forbade his men to sacrifice their lives on missions.

Mylene Hoffman (009-1)

Behind her beautiful face and charming appearance, Mylene Hoffman is actually a cyborg. Mylene uses her attractive body for her undercover missions, while she uses her robotic powers to fight.

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Just like Twilight in SPY x FAMILY, 009-1 is also set during the Cold War. There, Mylene and her fellow robotic spies work to ease political tensions between the West and East Blocs.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the five characters above are the best spies ever in anime. Because, apart from being reliable in disguise, they are also very strong in battle. Of the five characters above, who is your favorite character?

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