5 Best-Selling Anime Movies of All Time

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Have you ever thought about how much income is generated for one anime film? Talking about anime in film format, the totality of cultivation will certainly make an anime film able to earn a very large income. Some films were not very successful, but there were also those whose screenings exploded because they were highly anticipated and fun to watch.

Among the many successful anime films, there are several films that hold the position as the highest-grossing anime film of all time. Not without reason, the income generated can reach trillions of rupiah, you know. Come on, let’s see more!


Having a fun story for all, the Ponyo film produced by Studio Ghibli actually gained considerable success. The income earned in this anime film is also quite fantastic, reaching 204,826,668 US dollars. If converted, the profit of this film is equivalent to Rp. 3 trillion.

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Ponyo has a story concept like the Little Mermaid. Ponyo who was originally a fish washed ashore and was found by a boy named Sousuke. Over time, Ponyo transforms into a girl and often plays with Sousuke. Ponyo’s change of form makes the sea churned, even almost drowning the small town where Sousuke lives.

Howl’s Moving Castle

In this film, Sophie always limits herself and is not confident. Sophie then meets a witch and is cursed so that she looks like an old woman. Not wanting anyone to find out about her new form, Sophie decides to leave the house and look for Howl Castle. He hoped that the magician would accept it or lift the curse. His meeting with Howl then opened a new chapter of adventure for Sophie.

Your Name.

With its brilliant cinematography and storyline, it’s not surprising that Howl’s Moving Castle became one of Studio Ghibli’s highest-grossing films even though this film has been released since 2004. No kidding, this anime’s earnings can reach US$236,214,446 or equivalent to Rp3, 5 trillion.

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The film by director Makoto Shinkai, Your Name., became one of the best anime with a very large income. The anime, which is also titled Kimi no Nawa, earned an income of approximately 380,140,500 US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 5.6 trillion. With this high income, the appeal of this film in fact comes from the emotional storyline, detailed animation design, to the music that spoils the ears.

Your Name. tells the story of two teenagers named Taki and Mitsuha who can switch bodies when they wake up from sleep. This exchange makes them uncomfortable at first, but both Taki and Mitsuha decide to work together to live their own lives. One day, Taki and Mitsuha stopped swapping bodies. This body exchange stopped to coincide with the catastrophic fall of comet Tiamat in Itomori Village, where Mitsuha lived.

Spirited Away

Not only won an Oscar nomination in 2002, Spirited Away also has the highest income among other Studio Ghibli films. The profit generated by this film reached 395,580,000 US dollars. If converted into rupiah, the income is approximately equivalent to Rp. 5.8 trillion.

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Spirited Away tells the story of a girl named Chihiro who is trapped in the boundary between the spirit and human worlds due to the carelessness of her parents. Because his parents ate spirit food without permission, they were later turned into pigs. Meanwhile, Chihiro has to work at Yubaba’s spirit bath to atone for her parents’ mistakes. He then meets Haku, Yubaba’s subordinate who has a kind heart and always helps Chihiro.

Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train

Having a fan base not only in Japan, the film Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train has succeeded in overtaking other big-budget films that have remained firmly in the same position after so many years. In fact, the income of this film surpassed the previous films by quite a distance, namely with an income of around 504,334,511 US dollars or equivalent to Rp.7.4 trillion.

In terms of story, Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train excels in deepening the emotions that build as the film progresses. Moreover, the quality of the music and animation has improved drastically and has satisfied many viewers. This film is a continuation of the Demon Slayer anime series, precisely in the Mugen Train arc.