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5 Best Episodes of Pain’s Invasion Arc in Naruto Anime

There is no doubt that Invasion of Pain is one of the best arcs ever in the Naruto series. This 22-episode arc focuses on the attack on Konoha carried out by the leader of Akatsuki, Pain. The attack was carried out to find Naruto and steal the Nine-Tails in his body.

Of the 22 episodes, this time the author has summarized the five best episodes of the Pain Invasion arc in the Naruto anime. Curious how many episodes? Check out the following reviews.

  1. “Chibaku Tensei” (episode 167)

In this episode, Naruto loses control after seeing Pain defeat Hinata. Finally, Naruto transformed into the form of the four-tailed Kurama. Although Pain had managed to stop Naruto for a while, Kurama’s power was still too great for Pain to stop.

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The situation gets out of control when Naruto transforms into the form of the six-tailed Kurama. This finally forced Pain to lock up Naruto with Chibaku Tensei. However, Naruto managed to destroy Pain’s Chibaku Tensei after he turned back into the form of the eight-tailed Kurama.

  1. “Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached” (episode 164)

After successfully defeating Nigendo Pain with Rasenshuriken, Naruto ran out of energy to use Sennin Mode. Luckily, when Pain was about to take advantage of the moment, Naruto was helped by Shima and Fukasaku.

When Naruto used his remaining strength to destroy Pain’s Chikusodo, Naruto realized that he had to get rid of Gedo in order to defeat Pain.

  1. “The Fourth Hokage” (episode 168)

This episode is the first time Naruto finds out that the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, is his father. When Naruto lost control, Naruto almost broke Kurama’s seal and let Kurama take over.

However, it was immediately stopped by Minato who revealed that he was his father. After the conversation between father and son that brought tears to his eyes, Minato reaffirmed Kurama’s almost-open seal. Naruto returned with the form of Sennin Mode and immediately defeated Pain.

  1. “Pain vs. Kakashi” (episode 159)

Before Naruto fought fiercely against Pain, Kakashi had first faced Pain. After Pain launched his attack on Konoha, Kakashi immediately bravely faced Pain.

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Kakashi is at a disadvantage in this fight. In addition to himself facing enemies stronger than him, Kakashi also lost in terms of numbers. Until finally, Kakashi was defeated by Pain and he also had to lose his life.

  1. “Origin of Pain” (episode 173)

This episode is an episode that reveals Pain’s true background and identity. After Naruto met Nagato, Nagato told him about the background of the Amegakure orphans, namely Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan.

In this episode, Nagato revealed that he had also been raised and trained by Jiraiya. Not only that, Nagato also revealed Yahiko’s death which made him lead Akatsuki to the wrong path.

It is not surprising that the Invasion of Pain arc is called one of the best arcs in Naruto. The reason is, this arc has many epic episodes that are a pity to miss. So, out of the five best episodes in the Invasion of Pain arc, which is your favorite episode?

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