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5 Anime Recommendations That All Ages Can Watch

Just like other movie and watch products, anime also has categories based on age where audiences of a certain age are the target, one of which is the category of all ages. This category does not feature stories or scenes that are disturbing to an audience of a certain age. In anime, there are many stories that fall into the all-age category. Some of them are as follows.

Restaurant To Another World (2017)

There is one restaurant that is only open once a week. This restaurant is very popular in West Nekoya even though it looks ordinary from an architectural point of view. However, when you enter it, customers will definitely want to come back again.

The customers of this restaurant are people from other dimensions who come from various backgrounds. They feel comfortable with the service at this restaurant because friendliness and delicious food always come first. What’s even more interesting is that they always know what the customers who come to their restaurant want.

Flying Witch (2016)

Flying Witch carries the slice of life genre that presents its story with charming and bright visuals. The story follows the adventures of a young wizard named Makoto Kowata with his black cat who gains experience from life to become a great wizard. In the process he met many people and various events that made his magic skills improve.

Haikyu (2014)

Viewers who like sports-themed anime must watch Haikyu. Haikyu tells the story of a group of teenage volleyball players who struggle on the court.

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The story contains a lot of friendship, struggle, and of course the funny events experienced by the characters. Oh, yes Haikyu in Indonesian means volleyball. So, of course, the story contains a lot of things about the world of volleyball.

Silver Spoon (2013)

Titled in Japanese Gin no Saki, this anime depicts the journey of a high school boy named Yuugo Hachiken. He attended an agricultural vocational school where daily training and knowledge were forged on how to cultivate agriculture, grow crops, raise livestock, and process meat.

Yuugo is excited every time he goes to school because he wants the world of agriculture and animal husbandry to be the field he wants to master. Unfortunately, Yuugo’s enthusiasm did not match his prowess. However, that does not mean he can not understand the lessons he received. He just needs time to process his lessons. Well, this process often causes funny events.

Spirited Away (2001)

It’s hard to choose one of the best Studio Ghibli anime that is suitable for all ages because almost all of the anime are suitable for anyone to watch. However, Spirited Away is one anime that excels in every way. Not only moral values, the entertainment side is also prominent.

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Spirited Away tells the story of a 10-year-old boy, Chihiro, who is trapped in the spirit world in order to free his parents who were cursed to be pigs for being reckless. From Chihiro’s point of view, we see how anxious a child who doesn’t know anything has to deal with many dangerous things in a foreign world.

Well, those are 5 anime recommendations that are suitable for all ages to watch. With a simple presentation, the anime above not only presents an exciting story but also has many moral values ​​and messages that can be used as lessons. It could be a recommendation for a fun family show on the weekends.

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