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5 Anime Movies with the Most Unique Visualizations, Full of Color!

5 Anime Movies with the Most Unique Visualizations, Full of Color!

Many anime fans may agree that design also affects the quality of an anime. However, it is undeniable that anime with a unique design can in fact make the audience curious. Not only anime series that have unique visuals, some anime films also have visuals that are striking and dare to be different from their distinctive designs.

This time the author will review five anime films that present unique designs and visuals. No doubt, the sensation of watching these five films is indeed very enjoyable because the designs are made so special. Curious? Let’s see more below!

Ride Your Wave

The first anime film on this list is Ride Your Wave. The anime, also titled Kimi to Nami ni Noretara, has a romance fantasy genre which is quite thick with a rather emotional storyline. However, what stands out the most is that the design of this film is presented quite uniquely as well as interesting. Although the animation design at first glance looks simple when compared to its contemporaries, the first impression created by Ride Your Waves is unique and dares to be different.

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This anime tells the love story between Hinako and Minato which is blooming. Unfortunately, their relationship had to end because Minato died shortly after they started dating. Despite being separated by death, Minato’s spirit reappears from the water after Hinako sings their favorite song.

Children of the Sea

Children of the Sea has a fairly distinctive character design, especially in the hair, lips, and eyes. Unlike other anime, each eye in this anime is made more realistic so that the display presented is indeed more unique. Not only on the characters, the depiction of the sea background in this anime is also beautifully made and very detailed, you know.

The anime, also titled Kaiju no Kadomo, tells the story of Ruka Azumi who spends his summer at the Aquarium where his father works after a dispute with his mother. In the aquarium, Ruka meets a pair of brothers named Umi and Sora. Both were raised by mermaids so that they are more free to live in water than on land like other humans. In the end, Ruka plays with Umi and Sora more often and establishes a deeper connection. They could hear singing from the sea and predict the great events that were about to happen.


Developed by Trigger and XFLAG studios, it’s not surprising that Promare has a unique design and animation. In terms of coloring, this film uses a lot of bright colors that seem bold and make this film different from the others.

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This film is about the emergence of a number of mutant humans who can emit fire. They are then referred to as Burnish and their presence brings disaster to mankind. After 30 years of Burnish’s emergence, an organization called Mad Burnish is trying to attack an autonomous country called Promepolis. A special team called Burning Rescue was deployed to deal with Mad Burnish.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Having a bright appearance with a fairly striking color selection, the film Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is also interesting to note. Released on July 22, 2021, this film carries the romance and slice of life genres that are light to watch.

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In this anime, Cherry really likes Japanese poetry called Haiku and likes to express her feelings through Haiku. However, his poetry did not appeal to anyone. Meanwhile, a popular influencer named Smile has all the attention that Cherry simply doesn’t have. Unfortunately, he is also so insecure because he has a strange tooth shape. They meet in the summer at a shopping center and begin to help each other to overcome their respective crisis of confidence.


Last but not least, the Redline anime film, which carries the theme of car racing, also has a quite unique design. The character designs in this film look like comics with shadows accentuated only by black.

As the title suggests, this film tells about a car racing event called Redline. Redline itself has no rules, willing to use any type of car equipped with weapons to even strange machines are allowed to participate in this race. Unlike other racers, Sweet JP follows the Redline with its classic cars instead of using high-tech cars.