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5 Anime Characters Who Have Had Bad Luck Since the Beginning of the Story

The fate of the main character in an anime is not always pleasant. Some anime often provide a tragic background for the characters. However, there are also those who have to experience various terrible things to start a conflict in the story.

This time the author will review five anime characters who had bad luck in the early half of the story. They experience accusations, traumatic events, to other terrible things that make their lives change drastically. Curious? Come on, let’s review one by one!

Ganta Igarashi (Deadman Wonderland)

It doesn’t take long for the main character’s life to collapse in the blink of an eye. In the Deadman Wonderland anime, Ganta, who was originally an ordinary high school student, had to experience a terrible incident that killed all of his friends in the class. Since only Ganta survived, he was later accused of murdering all of his friends and branded a serial killer.

Ganta knows very well that he is only a witness. Ganta also hopes that all the accusations he faces can be resolved together with the lawyer. Unfortunately, his lawyer also manipulated the evidence so that the supposedly innocent Ganta had to be executed and sent to Deadman Wonderland prison.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

In the Tokyo Ghoul anime, Kaneki should be able to live a quiet life if he didn’t meet Rize. In the first half of the story, Kaneki is said to be interested in Rize’s charm without knowing what secrets she has. As a result, Kaneki is almost eaten alive by Rize who turns out to be a Ghoul, a man-eating creature.

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Kaneki was saved after Rize was hit by a building pipe to death. However, this is the beginning of the real suffering that Kaneki will receive. Rize’s organs were transferred to Kaneki’s body to save him from a critical condition. This makes Kaneki a half-ghoul human. Because of this, Kaneki has to live a new life because he can’t eat normal food and has to suppress his desire to prey on humans.

Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Anime Attack on Titan does not let the main character, Eren Yeager, fall asleep with peace. As soon as the first episode begins, the wall that protects against Titan attacks is knocked down by the Colossal Titan. This attack makes the massacre happen very gruesomely, especially in the Shiganshina District where Eren lives. Thanks to this incident, Eren also lost his mother and made him hate the Titans very much.

In the years that follow, Eren and his friends join a very strict and torturous reconnaissance squad with the aim of defeating the Titans. In fact, after successfully joining the army, Eren must always be faced with life and death situations in every mission.

Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World)

Who would have thought that Subaru, who happened to be shopping, would suddenly be taken to a land of nowhere with no clear purpose. In the anime Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World, it doesn’t take long for the main character to suffer. Subaru was killed by a mysterious figure as soon as he arrived in the land.

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Even though this death was too soon, Subaru had the power to turn back time if he died. Curious and filled with frustration, Subaru is forced to die time and time again in order to uncover the identity of the killer. When he had managed to unravel the mystery of the person who had killed him, Subaru was still involved with various problems that put his life in danger time and time again.

Naofumi Iwatani (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

Not only did Subaru have bad luck when he was transported to another world, Naofumi from the anime The Rising of the Shield Hero also had a fate that was no less bad than the anime series on this list. Initially, Naofumi was brought to the Land of Melromarc and became one of the four supreme heroes in the land. Because their job is to protect Melromarc from the periodic chaos called Waves, heroes are highly venerated and given many special services. On the other hand, Naofumi is found to be a shield hero who is considered the weakest hero. He also often gets unequal treatment when compared to the other three heroes.

It wasn’t long before Naofumi set foot in the land, some people who didn’t like him began to trap Naofumi and make him cruelly expelled. He also gets ridicule from many people because of a mistake he did not do at all. With the exile he has received, Naofumi is forced to crawl alone to survive. He began to gather reliable colleagues and decided to protect the country without the interference of other heroes and the kingdom.

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