5 Anime Characters Who Are Immune to Physical Attacks

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In the anime universe, there are some anime characters who have incredible endurance. Characters with high endurance tend not to be easily defeated because they can withstand the damage given by their enemies.

Meanwhile, the endurance possessed by these five characters may be on very different levels. The reason is, they are immune to physical attacks and some of them can’t even be touched at all. Want to know which characters are immune to physical attacks? Check out the following reviews.

Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Giorno Giovanna is the main protagonist in Golden Wind who has a Stand called Gold Experience. At first, this Stand only has the ability to give life to inanimate objects. Of course, this does not make Giorno immune to physical attacks.

However, in the last battle against Diavolo, Giorno’s Stand evolved into a Gold Experience Requiem. This evolution gives GER a new ability, namely Return to Zero. Simply put, this ability works like the undo feature on a computer. Anyone who attacks Giorno will return to the point before he made the attack.

Ryuk (Death Note)

Ryuk is a Shinigami possessing the Death Note held by Light Yagami. As the God of Death, Ryuk is immortal by nature. The only thing that can kill a Shinigami is if they stop writing human names on the Death Note or if they kill someone in order to prolong the life of another.

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Shinigami are also supernatural beings so they cannot be touched, let alone physically attacked. The physical attacks that flew at them would just pierce through as if they weren’t there. This is evidenced early in the series when a robber tries to kill Ryuk by shooting him.

Caesar Clown (One Piece)

Caesar Clown is the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard arc. Caesar is also a Devil Fruit user because he ate the Gasu Gasu no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows Caesar to manipulate gas and turn him into a gas man.

Since his body is made of gas, of course Caesar is immune to physical attacks. Caesar can indeed condense his body to hold something, but he still cannot be physically attacked. Interestingly, Caesar can also strangle his enemies by removing oxygen in the area around his enemies.

Ymir (Attack on Titan)

Ymir is the ancestor of the Titans. He was the first Titan and the one who created the other Titans. After his death, Ymir lives in the Path, a dimension that connects each Titan and Ymir’s Subjects or Eldians.

There, Ymir cannot be touched, much less physically injured, as evidenced when Eren tries to grab him. Despite his ghost-like presence, he still has a great influence on the Titans in the world.

Evangelist (Fire Force)

Evangelist is the main antagonist in the Fire Force series and the entity responsible for the Great Cataclysm. As the highest entity in the Fire Force universe, Evangelist is completely untouchable because he is in another dimension called Adolla.

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Adolla, also known as Hell, is a dimension where Evangelists reside whose world is filled with burning human corpses. The only people who can go to Adolla without getting hurt are people who have Adolla Burst. If an ordinary person were to force their way into this dimension, they would lose one of their eyes, as did Leonard Burns, Soichiro Hague, and the Joker.

The endurance of the five characters above is indeed on a very different level. No longer strong against physical attacks, but they are more immune to physical attacks. What do you think will happen if the five characters above fight against each other?