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4 Anime Thrillers that are Suitable for Lovers of Thrilling Watches

Thriller anime is still one of the most popular anime genres. The tension and realistic in the story make this anime genre interesting. Moreover, if the story contains many unexpected plots, it is certain that the audience will not want to miss it. Well, below are some recommendations for thriller anime that have exciting stories. Let’s take a look at the complete information.

Summer Time Rendering (2022)

Summer Time Rendering is the most watched summer anime for 2022 in Indonesia. The story in the anime follows Shinpen Ajiro who lives with the Kofune family after his parents die. The Kofune family has two children who are almost the same age as Shinpei, namely Ushio and Mio.

After Shinpei graduated from school, he had left the family, but there was a tragic incident that made Shinpei return to the Kofune family, namely Ushio died mysteriously. Ushio is said to have died from drowning, but there are many bruises on his body. What’s even more surprising is that he suddenly disappeared.

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Mio had time to remember a story about a strange entity that can predict someone’s death. Does Ushio’s death have anything to do with this entity? What is clear is that Shinpei must protect the Kofune family and prevent more victims.

The Promised Neverland (2019)

The Promised Neverland tells the story of a place known as the Grace Field House. The place was actually an orphanage, but many strange things happened there. actually looking at the location, Grace Field House is pretty scary. The place is far away and isolated. the scariest thing is that the children there are missing somewhere.

Ray, Norman and Emma find something strange there. they are trying to save themselves from the unseen threat that lies at Grace Field House.

B: The Beginning (2018)

Be: The Beginning is the first installment in Be: The Beginning Success. This initial story follows Keith Flick Kazama, a member of the Royal Investigation Service who investigates strange events and happenings on the island of Cremona.

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Flick is assisted by Lily Hosshina in her assignment. They work together to uncover the evil secret organization that is behind various terrors and strange human experiments. However, Flick’s investigation is nearly thwarted when he confronts a government network. Seeing this, he became doubtful who he really could be trusted.

Terror In Resonance (2014)

The story in Terror in Resonance begins with the discovery of the words “VON” painted in red at a Japanese nuclear facility. After the territorial war occurred, the government was no longer able to regulate the country. Rampant crime makes it difficult for the police to suppress it.

In the midst of the chaos, a video emerged on the internet depicting two men claiming to be the Sphinx. They made the atmosphere even more chaotic and panic erupted throughout the city. A detective named Kenjirou Shibazaki is caught between this chaos. He must be able to take advantage of the smallest opportunity in order to reconcile the atmosphere. Well, those are 4 recommendations for thriller anime that have exciting stories. The plot is fun and full of puzzles so it makes you curious.

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