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10 Facts about Metal Bat One Punch Man, Hero Armed with Baseball Bat

10 Facts about Metal Bat One Punch Man, Hero Armed with Baseball Bat

Metal Bat is one of the heroes in the One Punch Man series. He is included in the ranks of S-rank heroes who are ranked 15th. Before advancing to rank S, Metal Bat had been in rank C ranked 223.

Come on, get to know this hero armed with a baseball bat! Check out the following facts, yes!

  1. Metal Bat Identity

Metal Bat’s real name is Bad. This 17-year-old hero has a normal body like an ordinary human, with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 67.3 kg.

His muscular body is covered with a long-sleeved red turtleneck sweater and black pants. Metal Bat usually wears a black shirt similar to the Japanese school uniform to cover his sweater.

Metal Bat hair styled in retro pompadour style. His appearance gave the impression that he was a delinquent. Yes, the databook says that Bad is known as a problem student.

  1. Metal Bat characters

Some of Metal Bat’s traits seem to be quite supportive of his thug appearance. In some situations, Metal Bat can be rude. He’s also a little clumsy. In fact, Metal Bat once challenged Sweet Mask for not accepting Sweet Mask’s treatment of him.

However, on the other hand, Metal Bat is a loving person, especially towards his little sister and pet cat named Tama.

Metal Bat also has a pretty good awareness of the environment, as seen when he told Narinki and Waganma (Hero Association Executive) about the etiquette of eating at a simple sushi restaurant. Yes, in his heart Metal Bat threatened to kill both of them if they still violated what he had taught.

In addition, Metal Bat is also a person who has a high sense of self-confidence, you know! Although this personality of his could lead him to disaster during the battle.

  1. Metal Bat is quite smart

Metal Bat is a hero who is quite smart in digesting things. He is the hero who first realized Melzargard’s weakness which did not die after he was hit many times.

Not only that, he was also aware of Elder Centipede’s weakness. During the fight against the centipede monster, Metal Bat took the opportunity to climb up so that it could stand on the head of Elder Centipede.

Metal Bat noticed that the monster seemed to be trying to protect its head. It was from the actions of the monster that Metal Bat learned the facts regarding Elder Centipede’s weakness.

  1. Metal Bat’s younger sister named Zenko

Metal Bat has a younger sister named Zenko. Metal Bat seems to be an older brother who really loves his younger brother. In fact, he promised not to be violent in front of Zenko and Metal Bat fulfilled his promise. Whereas what he was facing at that time was the Hero Hunter, Garou.

  1. Potentially defeats Garou

Metal Bat is one of the heroes that has the potential to defeat Garou. This was said by the creator of One Punch Man, namely Yusuke Murata.

After eliminating the monster Senior Centipede and about to continue the fight against Elder Centipede, the Hero Hunter, Garou, who was watching the Metal Bat and Elder Centipede fight triggered a fight against Metal Bat which bounced towards him after being hit by the monster’s attack.

The battle between the two ensued.

When Garou’s position was behind him, Metal Bat had gathered all its strength into its baseball bat and prepared to hit Garou’s head. However, the action was stopped due to the arrival of Zenko.

Metal Bat could have toppled Garou back then had Zenko not come and stopped the two.

  1. Metal Bat Weapons

Metal Bat is a hero who only relies on one weapon to beat his enemy. The weapon he uses is a bat in a baseball game.

Prior to using the current bat, Metal Bat only fought ordinary, fragile baseball bats. Metal Bat must constantly change his weapon every time he fights.

Therefore, Metal Bat requested a weapon of the same shape, namely a baseball bat, from the Hero Association when he succeeded in joining the ranks of S rank heroes.

Baseball bats specially made for the Metal Bat today are made of metal with black handles. The Metal Bat weapon is claimed to be indestructible. In fact, metal baseball bats could be used to withstand attacks from Sage Centipede, a centipede monster that was much stronger than Elder Centipede.

  1. Fighting Spirit

Metal Bat has unusual physical abilities. Its power will increase very rapidly when Metal Bat is in a battered state. The more severe the effect received from the opponent’s attack, the stronger the Metal Bat.

The increase based on the fighting spirit did not only occur in physical strength. More than that, Metal Bat’s reflexes, defense, and speed will continue to increase as he gets injured.

However, this ‘late heat’ state of Metal Bat can actually be a boomerang for him. If he was faced with an enemy who immediately went blind at the beginning, of course Metal Bat would be immediately defeated before it was ‘hot’.

  1. Metal Bat fighting techniques

With only his metal baseball bat, Metal Bat creates several techniques that suit his street fighter-like style. Although Garou thinks that Metal Bat’s fighting style looks amateurish, Metal Bat is proven to be able to deal with various monsters with this technique.

Killing Moves, which are moves made to finish off the enemy.

Dragon Thrashing, which is the movement of releasing several hard punches using his baseball bat. This technique was used by Metal Bat to attack Elder Centipede.

Savage Tornado, which is a spinning motion that Metal Bat performs with its baseball bat that produces a small tornado. When using this technique against Garou, Garou himself thought that he could end up being hit by the blow.

Spiral of Overwhelming Victory, Metal Bat spins at full speed and power.

Savage Hurricane, which is a more powerful version of the Savage Tornado.

  1. Weaknesses

It has been mentioned earlier that the fighting spirit (Fighting Spirit) that Metal Bat has has a very large impact on increasing physical strength, reflexes, speed, to defense.

However, this did not last long. After exhausting all of his energy in his injured body condition, Metal Bat would instantly collapse, even with just a blow from his younger sister, Zenko.

This weakness is also seen when fighting against Sage Centipede. Metal Bat who had maximized all abilities with a body covered in wounds from the attacks that Sage Centipede had launched on him ended up collapsing and unable to continue the battle.

Another weakness shown by Metal Bat is his habit of always killing his opponent mercilessly. In fact, as a hero, it is important for him to collect information first in order to facilitate the next battle.

  1. Voice actor

The voice actor and singer born in 1982 who was born in Japan named Wataru Hatano is the figure behind the character Metal Bat or Bad. Apart from voicing Metal Bat, Wataru Hatano is also the voice actor for Haruta Shigemo in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

Not only providing voices for several characters in anime, Wataru Hatano is also known as a voice actor in games, for example the game JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure for the character Josuke Higashikata.

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