10 Best Graphic Games in 2022 with Detailed Visual Environments that are Similar to the Real World

Our society views video games as an activity to fill spare time, especially if it is presented with an interesting storyline. However, more than that, there are gamers who are interested in playing the game because of the graphics, design, art style, and detailed environment.

This time, the author will share the 10 best graphic game titles in 2022 with visual details that are similar to the real world! Let’s dive in.

10 Best Graphic Games 2022

Games become a bridge for players to get to know new worlds, timelines, and even other universes. In the last 20 years, there have been many games that present and offer excellent visual and graphic details. Below is a list of games with the best graphics.

There have been many Open World games released in recent times, however, the quality is not the same. For this reason, the author includes Ghost of Tsushima as the opening list of the best graphics games for 2022 this time.

Ghost of Tsushima

In its second release, Ghost Of Tsushima impressed gamers with its presence as the best open-world game. In addition, he is packed with stories of the survival genre – horror. And accompanied by perfect combat and gameplay.

The Last of Us Part II

Sony is ‘brutal’ in terms of quality, and The Last of Us Part II is a game with a higher level of quality. Developed by Naughty Dog, whose name is already well-known in creating games with stunning graphics.

Although the story of The Last of Us Part II has its shortcomings, it manages to bring good environmental details and really describes the wild post-pandemic situation.

Grand Theft Auto V

Who does not know the GTA series? It must be admitted that the rapid development of technology also affects the quality of graphics in the game industry, including GTA V. This is the latest masterpiece of Rockstar Games that does not disappoint.

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Apart from the gameplay, of course, the quality of the graphics is another reason why many people still play this game. The city is functioning, the weather transitions, and of course the NPCs that still work well even though this game was here 7 years ago, in 2013.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed is Ubisoft’s second game with great graphics. And the last two series of this game really provide detailed environment and animation of unmatched quality

This game also has a lot of historical monuments that are made as detailed as possible. This is a special attraction because the developers really put a lot of effort into making this game bigger.


Do you believe that the best graphics game 2022 number 5 was released in 2007? Crysis is the reason why many gamers decide to buy a PC. Despite its age, it remains the best benchmark in the gaming market.

Until now, Crysis has detailed water, underwater, trees and other objects with good detail. So detailed, fans can’t even realize they’re playing a game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It’s safe to say that Cyberpunk 2077 was a successful CD Projekt Red, but we shouldn’t forget The Witcher. The third series can be said to be the ‘most intent’ The Witcher game.

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For those of you who have played The Witcher 3, you will understand why the author included this game in the list of the best graphic games. The design is accurate and the scenery is detailed, similar to the depiction of Slavic mythology.


Series Hitman always invites us to be agent 47 who is assigned to abort the target. Of course, to beat the target, we must be able to think creatively or beyond reason by utilizing the environment around us.

That’s why the developer put a lot of detail into this game. Thanks to that, the latest Hitman series has received a lot of praise for its realistic design.

Forza Horizon Series

The next Best Graphic Game is a racing game, Forza Horizon. A game genre that can be compared to other open-world games on this list thanks to its graphic visuals. And it seems that Forza Horizon 5 has occupied a higher chart level.

The graphics and the accuracy of the detailed environment presented by Forza really make me pangling even though it’s just an ordinary car racing game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is not without reason. To be sure, this game is still famous because there is no new series from Elder Scrolls yet. However, apart from that, Skyrim as the 5th Elder Scroll still holds good prestige in terms of graphics.

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Not only accurate details, but Skyrim also has a story full of history. Unlike in GTA 5, where vehicles can disappear within minutes, everything in the Elder Scrolls stays where it belongs. Very realistic huh!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The list of the Best Graphic Games 2022 we close with this Flight Simulator. A simulator game that has the same scale and size as the real world. Maybe in some parts this game does not match the original plane, but from the player’s perspective, this simulator has a more natural environmental design.

Microsoft Flight Simulator invites you to become a pilot by flying a plane into the sky. Those are the 10 best graphics games in 2022 with detailed visual environments that are similar to the real world. Is there your favorite game here? Is there a game with equally good graphic detail? Give your opinion, ok!

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